Hire Me: Blockchain & Software Engineer

👋 Welcome!

I’m a seasoned software engineer with 7 years of experience, and I’m passionate about blockchain and open-source development. Here’s why you should consider me for your team:

🧰 Experience

With 7 years under my belt, I bring a wealth of knowledge in Go, Solidity, Python, PostgreSQL, and JavaScript.

🫕 Precision and Pragmatism

I’m all about Swiss-precision engineering. I believe in crafting code that’s not just elegant but also practical and easy to maintain.

🛠️ Explore My Work

Head over to my portfolio to see some of my projects in action. You can also dive into the details of my career in my CV and on Linkedin.

🔍 Ideal Fit

I’m on the lookout for remote roles involving Golang, blockchain, and ideally open-source software. If your team values innovation and craftsmanship, I’d be a great addition.

📧 Ready to take the next step?

Let’s chat! You can reach me at hire-me [at] 0xjac [dot] com.